2023 – 2024 Board of Directors

Judith Shean, Board Chair

Ron Griffin, Vice Chair

Rebecca Shamey, Secretary

Cliff Brown, Treasurer

Katherine Albrecht-Fidler

Katelyn Autry-Agen

Peter Boenning

David Liscomb

Kevin Miller

Audrey Oakes

Felicia Parker

Jaylyn Yuhas-Heames

Claire Mahan

John King

Richard Manning

Please contact Aileen Martin or Charmaine Gaines if you are interested in becoming a NRCIL board member at 315-785-8703.

Jefferson County

Aileen Martin
Executive Director
Phone: 315-785-88703 ext.217
Email: aileenm@nrcil.net

Marianne Dicob
Finance Director
Phone: 315-785-8703 ext.229
Email: marianned@nrcil.net

Brenda Bourgeois
Corporate Compliance Officer
Phone: 315-785-8703 ext.239
Email: brendajb@nrcil.net

Pat Connor
Independent Living Director
Phone: 315-785-8703 ext.317
Email: patc@nrcil.net

Angel Paige
Community Programs Director
Phone: 315-785-8703 ext.230
Email: angeld@nrcil.net

Jennifer Sibley
Family Support Services Director
Phone: 315-785-8703 ext.232
Email: jennifers@nrcil.net

Joshua Sabel
Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Regional Coordinator
Phone: 315-785-8703 ext.228
Email: joshuas@nrcil.net

Lorraine Petrie
Records Clerk
Email: lorrainep@nrcil.net

Ruth Church
Email: ruthc@nrcil.net

Ryan Robbins
Intake/Billing Specialist
Email: ryanr@nrcil.net

Darcy Wilder
Email: paulr@nrcil.net

Clyde Cooke
ADA Advocate
Email: clydec@nrcil.net

Karen Appleby
Employment Specialist
Email: karena@nrcil.net

Kristy Graves
Statewide Systems Advocate
Email: kristyg@nrcil.net

Michelle Appleby
Independent Living Advocate
Email: michellea@nrcil.net

Amanda Graveline
NY Connects Coordinator
Email: amandag@nrcil.net

Jackie Johnson
Independent Living Advocate 
Email: jackiej@nrcil.net

Susan Lara-Gonzales
Family Peer Advocate
Email: susang@nrcil.net

Rebecca Jones
Family Peer Advocate
Email: rebeccaj@nrcil.net

Noelle Eisenhauer
Family Peer Advocate
Email: noellee@nrcil.net

Gina Reed
Family Peer Advocate
Email: ginar@nrcil.net

Brandy Roberts
Behavioral Health Peer Advocate
Email: brandyb@nrcil.net

Stamatina Stamatakis
Behavioral Health Peer Advocate
Email: stamatinas@nrcil.net

Shawn Corbet
Mental Health Peer Advocate
Email: shawnc@nrcil.net

Dyna Eastman
Behavioral Health Peer Advocate
Email: dynae@nrcil.net

Skylar Hoke
Independent Living Advocate
Email: skylarh@nrcil.net

Sarah Yerdon
Behavioral Health Peer Advocate
Email: sarahy@nrcil.net

Erica Vachon
Youth Transition Coordinator
Email: ericav@nrcil.net

Lady Williams
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Email: ladyw@nrcil.net

Lindsey Turck
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Email: lindseyt@nrcil.net

Lewis County

Karen Boliver
Associate Director/FSS
Phone: 315-836-3735 ext.302
Email: karenb@nrcil.net

Patty Ward-LaFlesh
Independent Living Team Leader 
Phone: 315-836-3735 ext.313

Lucy Jo Tuttle
Employment Services Coordinator
Email: lucyjot@nrcil.net

Ben Fowler
Chief Information Officer

Albina Rennie

Lamanda Cook
Family Support Service Team Leader

Kenton Steiner
FSS Family Peer Advocate
Email: kentons@nrcil.net

Nicole Gudridge
IL Mental Health Advocate
Email: nicoleg@nrcil.net

Susan Austin
IL Peer Outreach Advocate
Email: susana@nrcil.net

Wyatt Wagner
Youth Peer Advocate / IL Advocate
Email: beat@nrcil.net

Jack Boliver
IL Advocate/Recovery Coach

Dixie Lehman
FSS Family Peer Advocate
Email: dixiel@nrcil.net

Amanda Martin
IL Mental Health Peer Advocate
Email: amandam@nrcil.net

Shannon Sullivan
IL Mental Health Advocate
Email: shannons@nrcil.net

Donna Hlad
Transition Coordinator/ Recovery Coach
Email: donnah@nrcil.net

Kelly Keefer
FSS Family Peer Advocate
Email: kellyk@nrcil.net

Jennifer Halko
IL Mental Health Peer Advocate/Employment Specialist
Email: jenniferh@nrcil.net

Nichole Lehman Community Health Worker Email: nicholel@nrcil.net

Laurie Millard Community Wellness and Warming Center Coordinator
Email: lauriem@nrcil.net

St. Lawrence County

Jill Stevenson
Family Peer Advocate
Email: jilll@nrcil.net

Karen Dodge
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Email: karend@nrcil.net

Brandy Roberts
BH Peer Advocate/CHW
Email: brandyr@nrcil.net

Jenna LaJoy
Family Peer Advocate